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My main areas of research are sociology of religion, political sociology and political theory. The focus of my research lies on politics and religion, on state-religion relations in Russia, norm mobilization and transnational religious actors. The most significant achievement in the recent years was winning an ERC Starting Grant and FWF Start Prize for my project “Postsecular Conflicts” (2015-2022) which investigates moral conservative norm mobilization by religious actors across Russia, Europe and the United States. Thanks to this project, I have achieved a stable academic position as full professor at the University of Innsbruck, where I have started to create a teaching and research environment for the sociology of religion.


  • Political sociology of religion
  • Contemporary political theory: liberalism, communitarianism, democracy, critical theory
  • Politics & religion, governance of religion 
  • Theories of modernity
  • Russian Orthodox Church, church-state relations in Russia
  • Contemporary Orthodox thought

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