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(2020): Russian Orthodoxy and Secularism. Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Politics 1/2, S. 1–75.

(2020) with Julia Mourão Permoser: Reframing human rights: the global network of moral conservative homeschooling activists. Global Networks - A Journal of Transnational Affairs. Online First, S. 1-22. >>access<<
(2018) with Kseniya Medvedeva: Double bind at the UN. Western actors, Russia, and the traditionalist agenda. Global Constitutionalism 7/3, 383-421. >>access<<

(2018) with Dmitry
Uzlaner: The Legacy of Pitirim Sorokin in the transnational alliances of moral conservatives. Journal of Classical Sociology 18/2, 133-153. >>access<<






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